How to run classroom training online?

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What Trainer can do?

  • Share your audio, slides, chat, video, whiteboard, desktop, camera with students (you are in control).

  • Launch polling, makes it easy to engage students.

  • Record your lectures so that you can make them available for later review. 

  • Breakout rooms for smaller group to collaborate.

  • Zoom, highlight, draw and write on presentations making your points clearer. 

  • Send link to invite participant, block all mic to prevent distraction, chat to class or individual, give control to individual to draw on whiteboard and share screen to class, ...just like in classroom again.


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What Participant can do?

  • Share your screen with class 

  • Response to polling 

  • Chat with class 

  • Enable or mute your mic, earphone 

  • Draw on whiteboard to show class 

  • Raise your hand to get attention 

  • Use any device to join class 

  • Just click a link to join 

  • Share camera, see everyone in class and have fun as usual, just like in classroom again!


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What everybody can do?

  • Share camera

  • Chat

  • Raise hand to alert

  • Join class



How to get started?

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