Improving ROI through People,              
           Improving Productivity through IT.


  • Incorporated in 2008, started operation in 2005 under CBT-TECHNOLOGY offering training and software development services.

ITX Team & Experience

  • Network & Security (>16 years field experience, with R&D)

  • ITX ERP (>100 implementation & customization)

  • Hardware Design (>12 years field experience, hold few patents)

  • Mobile App (>8 years field experience, a PhD Graduates) 

  • Business Consultant (>20 years ISO experience)

  • External developer (>60 skills set regularly working together)

  • Project Manager (>10 years experience integrating all above skills)


ITX & Technology

Means "IT Expert"

  • ITX is a team of passionate IT people whose goal is to improve operation productivity through custom solution. ITX build dedicated solution to solve business problems. 

  • ITX mission is to help organization to operate productively through technology - software, hardware, mobile app, database and integrating all of them to realize Industrial 4.0.

  • ITX is into Open Source technology.

Oil & Gas Training

  • Provide skills training since 1997, believe in knowledge and skills are equally important, hence always partner with field experience trainer to deliver training.  

  • Developed TMS for few training organization to keep track of expiry, notification, progress, development history, analytics and management reports.


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