ITX Server  - your IT infrastructure

Connecting devices to share is interesting, but the more we connect, the slower it is, why?  WiFi is so convenient, but do you know WiFi is the easiest way for outsider to hack you?  These are only speed and security concern, what about stability, backup, availability, expand-ability and so on? You need a proper infrastructure to manage all above.  Contact us for a site analysis, we have helped many to improve and stabilize office LAN.

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Why ITX Server? 

server is not easy to handle but you can leave it to us


Introduction to servers

This video will give you a closer look to what a server is, video length 53:40.


Basic Networking

Easy to understand video about Networking, takes you only 03:26, good for beginner.


Cyber Security Overview

Simple cyber security overview, learn in 03:52, good for beginner.


Wi-Fi Security

A short introduction to WiFi security in 01:53, good for beginner.


Introduction to Network

To learn more detail about networking in 57:37, good for serious beginner.


Introduction to Domain

More serious about networking - your network domain, 47:50.

ITX Products

ITX Server, 1-Click Server, NAS


ITX Backup Solution

A bullet proof and user friendly idea to prevent disaster, combination of servers to deliver expected results, 03:25.


1-Click Server

Maintain office computer without technical knowledge? 1-Click Server is design to do this, backup or recover PC settings in 30 minutes, 01:32.


ITX Server

All-in-one server for small business to run enterprise IT infrastructure, 01:27.

ITX Services

support your business growth and continuity


Our specialist will train and guide your staff to manage server, network, security yourselves if require.


Facing any problems?  Contact our specialist to assist you resolving it.


Not intend to keep in-house IT talent, leave it to us with little monthly fees.


Leave it to us...

We will design, deploy, support and maintain it for you.

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