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Network & Security

Let you control & protect your business

ITX Server is like a Security & Police at your office, checking and blocking user who is not permitted to access your files, data, printer, Internet and etc., 24x7.  Yes, you can control them!

Do you aware of these...

  • Office Wi-Fi slow and not stable, why?

  • Can I create Wi-Fi login ID & PW for every staff?

  • Office network, sometime fast, sometime slow, why?

  • Internet too slow, how to increase Internet speed thru infrastructure?

  • How to stop employee accessing Facebook? 

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ITX Server (S), powered by Intel Xeon E3-1200 4C8T8M 2.4GHz, 16GB RAM, 2x1TB HDD. Suitable for office with 25 users or less.

ITX Server (M), powered by Intel Xeon E5-2600 8C16T20M 2.4GHz, 32GB RAM, 4x1TB HDD. Suitable for office with 20 users or more.

Take control now

let us train & guide your staff to handle it

Store, Share, Backup, Access

xDrive - Safest, Most Complete File Sharing Solution

Odoo CMS - a big picture

              xDrive  is a storage that recognize who you are, helps keeping all saved files and cannot be deleted by staff, allow you to access upon emergency by just plug-and-play, no skill required.  xDrive design have considered and resolved problems of Storage, Share, Backup and Access (SSBA), its the safest and most complete file sharing solution to date.  Answers to the following concerns...

              • If staff deleted all files, am I able to get it back?

              • When system is down, can I access files without technical skills immediately?

              • When disaster happened, do I have a backup in cloud?

              • Is it all above happened in real time, automatically?

              Yes! xDrive did it all

              let xDrive works for you and stop being the bad guy


              Server is not easy to handle but you can leave it to us


              Introduction to servers

              This video will give you a closer look to what a server is, video length 53:40.


              Basic Networking

              Easy to understand video about Networking, takes you only 03:26, good for beginner.


              Cyber Security Overview

              Simple cyber security overview, learn in 03:52, good for beginner.


              Wi-Fi Security

              A short introduction to WiFi security in 01:53, good for beginner.


              Introduction to Network

              To learn more detail about networking in 57:37, good for serious beginner.


              Introduction to Domain

              More serious about networking - your network domain, 47:50.

              ITX Products

              xDrive, 1-Click Server, ITX Server


              The xDrive Idea

              A bullet proof and user friendly idea to prevent disaster, combination of servers to deliver expected results, 03:25.


              1-Click Server

              Maintain office computer without technical knowledge? 1-Click Server is design to do this, backup and recover PC settings in 30 minutes, 01:32.


              ITX Server

              First server for small business to run enterprise IT infrastructure, 01:27.

              ITX Services

              support your business growth and continuity


              Learn how to handle it yourself.


              Need help? We will guide you or resolve it.


              Its our baby, we can handle it.


              Identify & Analyze


              Strategize & Evaluate


              Adapt & Normalize


              Optimize & Stabilize

              Server is complicated?

              Better let ITX handle it.