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Network & Security

Do you experienced unstable network, device not detected, slow Internet, IP conflict, insecure WiFi, too many SSID, intend to find out who is heavy Internet user and control usage, block web sites, and etc?

Many organizations have contacted us to troubleshoot and problem solved on-site.

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Network Services

Network Architecture

Design, Installation & Configuration eg. Server, Firewall, router, managed switch, load balancer, IDS, NIC Teaming, SAN etc

Administration & Management

Outsource Remote Server Administration & Management

Preventive Action

Pre-failure alerting, Historical Trend Analysis & Emergency mode Implementation


Event Correlation & Root Cause Analysis

Problem Solving

onsite / remote support


Ensure the network is running in the best balance of the performance and costs

Failure Recovery

Recover component(s) or device(s) to previous functional state


Local, Cloud or Hybrid data backup

Tighten Security

from internal / external


User / technical


collaboration / education

Network problem?

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