COVID-19, classroom training is risky!

why not bring classroom online?

Ok, what do I need in classroom?

Present my slide

Show video

Flip chart / whiteboard + marker pen (3 colors)

Stick flip chart paper on wall

Interact with participant (eye contact, pointing someone to speak)

Break them into groups for discussion, flip chart paper to sketch

Let them present their findings / ideas to class

Take a break

Give them a test

After answering test, go through with them 1-by-1

Group photo

Session end

ITX Online Classroom

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Trainer Tools

Share your audio, slides, chat, video, whiteboard, desktop, camera with students (you are in control).
Launch polling, makes it easy to engage students.
Record your lectures so that you can make them available for later review. 
Breakout rooms for smaller group to collaborate.
Zoom, highlight, draw and write on presentations making your points clearer.
Send link to invite participant, block all mic to prevent distraction, chat to class or individual, give control to individual to draw on whiteboard and share screen to class, ...just like in classroom again.   


Share your screen with class
Response to polling
Chat with class
Enable or mute your mic, earphone
Draw on whiteboard to show class
Raise your hand to get attention
Use any device to join class
Just click a link to join
Share camera, see everyone in class and have fun as usual, just like in classroom again!

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How to get started?

Your will need

A laptop to show your slide, video, chat, poll, document, camera (as usual)

Check your laptop whether the built-in mic and speaker is sufficient to communicate in the class, if not then you need to get one external device, eg: earphone+mic, conference speaker (built-in mic)

If your laptop is not touch screen type, you will need another touch screen monitor to deal with whiteboard

Connect your laptop to WiFi or internet

Signup Online Classroom

Login and start your classroom, copy classroom link

Send classroom link to your participant with email / Whatsapp, let them click and join

Your have your classroom live!

End the session anytime you like, all your participant will be forced to end automatically




online classroom

Learn how to start and run your classroom online.

RM 550 / User


Per Use

no commitment

Use when you need it, create account and ready anytime.

RM25 / Pax


name your room

Have your own room, a small fee to keep your brand.

RM150 / Month

Keep in touch

student portal

Let student recap and keep in touch, great service.

 RM2 / Pax


Sell Online

publish your courses

Let the world see what you offer and when it starts.

RM 25 / Course


Register & Pay

fill up your class

Set min & max pax, send reminder automatically.

RM25 / Pax


analyze & forecast

Facts & figures that helps to convince your board.

RM550 / Month


link all department

Everyone sees the business, sales, operation, finance,...




Lets compare the costing

Rent Classroom Nearby

low Budget costing

Rental             :   1 x 500/day = 500

Travelling      :   2 x 80/trip = 160

Meals              :  25 x 25-pax = 625

Course Note    : 15 x 25-pax = 375


Total Cost        : RM1,660 / Day


Onsite Setup

Buy Projector        :    1,500

MISC                       :       200


Total Setup Cost    :    1,700 (one-time)



1,660 x 10 sessions    :    16,660 / Year

Rent Classroom Online

full budget costing

Online Rental    :    200 / Day

Travelling          :        0

Normal Meals   :        0

Course Note      :        0


Total Cost          :     200 / Day


Online Setup

Internet                      :    Home WiFi

Conference Speaker   :    600

Touch Screen Monitor:    800

Stylus Pen                  :    20

MISC                          :    200


Total Setup Cost        :    1,620 (one-time)



200 x 10 sessions     :    2,000 / Year

16,600 / 2,000          :    830% Savings or

16,600 - 2,000          :    14,600 Extra Profit

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