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An integrated software suite to boost your sales, streamline your operations, manage your finance, build stunning websites, grow your marketing reach, integrate your services and many more.

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ITX Server

network, backup, iot

An integrated software and hardware suite to speed up your network, secure your WiFi, manage your user access right, automate your backup, connect your sensors, protect your files from virus and malware infection and more. 

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Digital Transformation Suite for SMEs

Redefine Scalability, No more painful integration







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ITX Manufacturing Suite

Digital transformation with MRP Suite, improve your manufacturing business with modern cloud technology.

Higher Staff Efficiency
  • Process Speed Up 15% : boost interdepartmental communication & collaboration

  • Time Saved Up 10% : automate manual routines and minimize data entry

  • Accuracy Up 90% : less dependency on human & easier transition 

Higher Productivity & Reliability
  • Lead Time Lower 25% : lower lead time for production and supply chain

  • On Time Delivery Up 90% : accurate delivery forecast, good planning and traceability

  • Yield Rate Up 15% : gain higher production outputs with optimized efficiency

Higher Margin & Profit
  • Inventory Bloat Reduce 25% : cut cost by reducing unnecessary inventory buffer

  • Wastes & Scraps Reduce 25% : cut down wastage and scraps with better quality control

  • Overall Cost Reduce 10% : control cost and bid strategically, real accurate MRP costing

Manufacturing Suite

Sales, Production, Inventory, Purchase, Accounting, Payroll

Simple MRP

Manufacturing Suite

+ Quality, Costing

Standard MRP

Manufacturing Suite

+ Maintenance, Business Intelligence

Advanced MRP


Other Operation


Company Website

Create and maintain professional looking website easily, by just drag and drop.

Google Ranking


Mass Mailing




Let your sales personnel create and manage meetings, quote, sales order, check on-hand quantity, invoice status, and delivery status instantly, 24x7.  


Point of Sale (POS)

Subscription / Booking


Manufacturing Order


Kitchen Order



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Sales & Distribution

Are you involved in wholesaling, FMCG, product distributing, sales and marketing?

Your sales person can check on-hand quantity and key in order online.  And your office will receive order immediately, process order and prepare for delivery the same day.

Your sales person also can follow up leads, enquiries, meetings and record activities online, no more report writing.

From RM50 / Month you can view sales report, activities report, invoice and payment status from anywhere, at anytime.  Free Apps & Service worth more than RM9,700 to kickstart.

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Website Design

Wanted to create and maintain professional looking website yourself? With drag and drop pre-designed template (block), it is so easy, just double click and you can update new picture or video yourself!

You will learn how to design and maintain your own professional looking website within 1/2 day.  

Start serving your customer 24x7 and save money printing catalog.

Only RM90 / Month you can start serving your customer 24x7 and save money printing catalog.  Free Apps & Service worth more than RM4,300 to kickstart.

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Restaurant POS

Are you running multiple Cafes, Restaurants or Chain Eateries?  

You can now link all outlets POS System together to manage sales, inventory, void item, report and so on.  You can now let your customer key in order through tablet or phone.

Join our Free Training to experience this innovation.

From RM80 / Month you can have your new restaurant running with 3 tablets, 4 printers, 10 waitress with centralized POS system that linked to HQ in real time, and let every outlet send you order to purchase main course with just a click.  Free Apps & Service worth more than RM9,900 to kickstart.

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Sales & Task Management

Is your product make to order such as signage maker, auto gate installer, photo frame maker, T-Shirt printing, custom souvenir and so on?

You may send new job to production team and track your job progress through task after confirming Quote, and your staff will not see quoted price. 

View list of job progress status and schedule for delivery, installation, and following up payment.

From RM80 / Month you can create quote, confirm order, send new job to production team, check project progress and arrange delivery schedule anytime, anywhere.  Free apps & service worth more than RM12,300 to kickstart.

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eCommerce + POS

Do you know you can sell at shop(s) and online without worrying about complicated inventory? System helps you tally up the stock in real time, and alert you and your customer when you are out of stock (alert is an option).

Adding purchase apps, system will auto generate draft PO to replenish stock with just a click, and also helps you tally up incoming stock, showing you as forecast quantity, so that you know what date you have enough item to sell.

RM200 / Month you can sell at shop as well as online too.  Free apps & service worth more than RM15,900 to kickstart.

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Retail POS

Cloud Retail POS software, can run offline in any computer or tablet, scan barcode and print receipt as usual.  No need to change any hardware.

Lets stop the nightmare of POS computer failure, just replace with any tablet or PC, without technical knowledge, you can run business as usual in minutes. No more worries about long waiting technical support.

From RM60 / Month you can start an ERP POS and expand into 100 or more shops easily.  Free apps & service worth more than RM9,900 to kickstart.

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