Lower Cost, Increase Productivity?

 Automate your business

Let itxERP handle most of your routine, detail tracking and monitoring task so that you can spare more time for your business.

Save time, save cost, super convenient, very easy to use.

Wholesaler, Trading, FMCG must see!

How itxERP helps you?

order with phone, automate operation, track & monitor task, real time dashboard & report

Place Order with Phone


itxERP will show popup when stock quantity is insufficient, so stop calling office, stop whatsapp order, stop worrying writing problem.

Received Order Instantly

office clerk

itxERP will check stock and reserved quantity automatically, when sales clerk confirm order, itxERP will process item instantly and group item into dropshipping, consignment, bundle, make to order and etc.

Process Order


itxERP will trigger draft PO / DO / Job Order / etc based on item to obtain the best offer, and let relevant department taking over (approve by manager), save time, convenient, eliminate human error and argument.

Tracking & Monitoring

complicated routine task

Ensure to update DO & Supplier DO quantity, itxERP will monitor which PO is yet to deliver, when Finance creating vendor bill, itxERP will track and auto fill quantity which already delivered and not more than that!

itxERP also track complicated operation like multi back orders, how many quantity available for sale now, late DO, and so on. 

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dashboard & report

Sales report, executive summary of your business (cash, profitability, balance sheet, performance & etc).

See who is top salesman, top 10 customers, total unbill invoices, cash flow status, profitability, ONE system for all department, so convenient.

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special offer

We help discover your business, design and configure itxERP to fit your operation, train your staff, import product and contacts, go live. 15 days ready + 30 days of support, 5 users + 5 Apps (sales, purchase, inventory, accounting & billing).

Success Pack : $15,000

Special offer : Offer $ (limit to 5 customers per sector only)

Subscription : $450 Onwards (include cloud)


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