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Why SMEs need ERP?  

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Mobile Accessibility 

stay connected and manage your business on the go with ERP mobile accessibility, allowing users to access critical information anytime, anywhere.

Insightful Reporting 

gain valuable insights into business performance with ERP comprehensive reporting and analytic tools, enabling informed decision-making and strategic planning.

Competitive Advantage

by improving operational efficiency, reducing costs, and enhancing customer service, ERP systems gives you a competitive edge in your industry.


as businesses grow, ERP grows with you. Its scalable nature allows your organization to easily add new modules and functionalities as needed without disrupting operations.

Streamline Operations

with ERP you can streamline your operations by integrating various processes such as sales, inventory, accounting and more into one cohesive platform, reducing duplication of efforts. 

Improved Collaboration

ERP systems facilitate better communication and collaboration among departments by providing a unified platform for sharing information and coordinating activities.

Enhanced Efficiency

the user-friendly interface and automation features of ERP help boost efficiency by reducing manual tasks and improving overall workflow processes, allowing your organization to do more with fewer resources. 

Data Accuracy 

with all data stored in a single database, ERP systems ensure data accuracy and consistency across departments, reducing errors and improving decision-making.

Compliance and reporting 

ERP systems help your organization comply with regulatory requirements and industry standards by automating compliance processes and providing robust report capabilities.

Better Customer Service 

with access to real-time customer data, your staff can deliver personalized and timely service to your customers, improving satisfaction and loyalty.

Cost Effective

offers a cost effective solution for you, eliminating the need for multiple standalone software systems and reducing IT overhead costs.


as your business grow, ERP systems can easily scale to accommodate increased workload and complexity, making it a cost-effective long-term solution.

Customizable Modules

you can tailor ERP to your specific needs with customizable modules, ensuring that you only pay for and use the features that are relevant to your operations.

Integrated Applications

includes a wide range of integrated applications covering various business needs such as CRM, Sales, Inventory, Accounting, Manufacturing, Project Management, and HR. This integration ensures that data flows smoothly across different departments, eliminating data silos, improving efficiency.

User-Friendly Interface

the platform features a modern and intuitive user interface that enhances user experience. The design is consistent across all applications, making it easy for you to navigate and perform your tasks. 

Customizable Mobile Accessibility

can custom UI for every single user to ensures that business operations are not confined to the office, managers, sales, operators,... can oversee processes from anywhere.

Real-Time Data and Analytics

giving you immediate insights into overall business performance. 

Introducing ITXERP

ERP Framework

Web based, very user friendly, open source, developed since 2005.

Over 5,000,000 trusted users worldwide.

Core modules

Sales, Inventory, Accounting, Purchase, CRM, Website, Manufacturing, Human Resources, Point of Sales, eCommerce, Project, Marketing, Messaging.

Plus 10K+ addons and ready made industry solutions.

Some Application Idea

Website Design Drag & Drop Template

Drag and drop template, edit text, add image, show video, change background, add web form, shopping cart, etc all by yourself. This website is design using the same ERP.

Salesman Order by Tab/Phone

Salesman or sales rep, login and start creating sales order, checking stock, outstanding invoices, pending DO and so on, with phone or pad or laptop, super convenient.

Barcode Stock Pick

Scan barcode, input qty, hit take out button, picking done.  Stock in the box always = quantity in ERP. You may add more action button such as put back, goods receipt, reserve, send repair, and etc, super fast and accurate. 

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We make owning ERP effortlessly for every organization 

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How to setup your ERP?

We will help you to register cloud account with your company details 

install OS, required services and dependencies

Install ERP

that offer fast support while

maintaining a continuous cycle of software development and updates, 

that scale without disturbing daily operation. 

Launch Google Chrome, input your domain name, in login page, input login id and password, you are in.

find learning resources

get help online

find app in market place

get help from ITX

navigate UI

admin activities

install app needed

create user

provide URL, login id and password to your staff and start collaborating online, completely digital.

ITX making the difference

No subscription fee, 100% truly yours, maintain & scale easily

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The only ERP has NO subscription fee

  • The only ERP you can install app & create user FREELY

  • The only ERP that is truly 100% yours

  • The only ERP partner who offer fast support while maintaining a continuous cycle of software development and updates, helping you to scale without disturbing daily operation.

So, you focus in your business, we handle the rest. 

  • Vision : to make owning ERP system effortlessly for every SMEs and organizations. 

  • Mission : to bring exceptional results (fast, accurate, smooth operation) to customers through innovative software and services.

  • Believe : by providing affordable and reliable technical capabilities could make all these happen.

  • Expect : our customer to perceive us as Affordable & Reliable partner.

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$ 3,000 .00

/ Deployment
  • ERP ready, start to configure
  • Unlimited App & User
  • All Default App
  • Subscription Fee (0)
  • Email Setup (0)
  • Custom PDF (0)
  • User Training (0)
  • Support (0)
  • Maintenance (0)
  • Kickstart Briefing


$ 5,000 .00

/ Deployment
  • Ready configured, start to use
  • Unlimited App & User
  • All Default App
  • Subscription Fee (0)
  • Email Setup (1)
  • Custom PDF (0)
  • User Training (2)
  • Support (40)
  • Maintenance (3)


$ 15,000 .00

/ Deployment
  • Custom solution for a specific problem
  • Unlimited App & User
  • All Default App
  • Subscription Fee (0)
  • Email Setup (1)
  • Custom PDF (3)
  • User Training (4)
  • Support (100)
  • Maintenance (12)


intended for small-medium business owner, as many are happy and satisfy with default configuration.

Now, you can work and collaborate with staff online, while keeping relevant document attached to ERP record, super convenient.

With some customization, ie: scan barcode, input quantity, hit take out button, picking done (in seconds).  Delivering real-time inventory system, super fast and accurate operation which beyond owner's expectation.

Choose a plan to start yours.

If you are looking for more comprehensive solution, please contact us. 

Just like your car, you will send for maintenance after every 10,000 KM done, right? Same to ERP, it is running 24-hour daily, to ensure smooth operation, you need to perform proper maintenance too.

You may choose to do-it-yourself or engage us to handle for you.

All your data remains intact on your server and ERP will continue to run. 

However, you’ll need to make other plans for management and upkeep as features and functionality by ITX Team will immediately stops (ie: backups, test/staging environments, updates, security, monitoring, and so on).  

There are plenty of FREE how-to guide available online such as Video, PDF, Forum and etc, for faster support, you may contact us.

There are no restrictions on the amount of users you can add to your ERP. The actual number of users depends on your server’s resources and customizations. For example, an ERP without customizations on a server with 1vCPU and 1GB RAM can accommodate up to 20 users.

feel free to install any default app as long as it is not Enterprise version. There are 10K+ addon app in App Market place which is not available by default, you may add them into your ERP too, contact our support if you need help.

Yes, we can assist you to install and maintain Enterprise version. 

Our platform uses various industry best-practices to protect our customers.

  • We work with first-class cloud providers which are certified and regularly perform penetration tests.

  • All your secrets are encrypted in-flight and on disk.  

Our support is on demand basis, every request will deduct some point depending on issue complexity.  We shall inform you total point require each case, and shall proceed after your approval.

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